Duck Pancakes at The Drunken Duck

The Drunken Duck – Central Hong Kong

So, I strolled across this restaurant one afternoon in Hong Kong when I was hangry.


I told Mr. A that I just wanted something small (like a piece of fruit or finer sandwich) and then this happened.


Secretly, I wanted duck pancakes and this was small, right? I mean come on, who doesn’t love duck pancakes? With the hoesin sauce and julienned carrots and cucumbers. What is not to love. Anyway, this was my snack this afternoon (I split it though) and it was much more satisfying that any small piece of fruit, or cookie of the sorts.

To add to the dining experience, the restaurant, which specializes in (wait can you guess it?) Yes, that’s it, duck, had the ambiance and laid back vibe of a British pub mixed with a little hit of Australian cafe topped off ¬†with local flair. The creative use of lights and industrial vibe decor was also quite appealing.

Next time you are in Central Hong Kong (the Soho area) stop by. It will be worth it.

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