Cherry Blossoms in Japan

In late March, I visited Japan for the first time. I  decided to go during cherry blossom (sakura) season. I’ve seen the cherry blossoms in Washington DC in the past, but was always there either too early or late in the season. The timing never worked and I never really go to see them in full bloom.

When I got to Japan, I thought the same thing. I was in Tokyo and most of the cherry blossoms did not bloom yet. The temperature had dropped (it was freezing actually, especially for someone coming from Dubai). I was a bit skeptical.

A couple of days later, Mr. A and I  took the bullet train down to Kyoto, where we were told that the blossoms were blooming. Finger crossed.

As seen in some of the photos above, the cherry blossoms were a plenty around Kyoto. And I will say this, it is one of those things in life that you have to see with your own eyes and experience it yourself. Sort of like a Christmas in New York sort of feeling.

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