Buildings in Old Forte, Galle, Sri Lanka

Colonial style architecture and decor. I love it. It reminds me of my first first to Florida and the Caribbean. So a happy memory of sorts, as those places were always synonymous with vacation.

I visited Galle in Sri Lanka for the first time not too long ago, where I visited the old city center or more commonly known, Galle Fort. I had planned to only spend and hour or two at most there as I did not think there was much to do, but ended up staying the whole afternoon.

In addition to the abundance of boutique shops, restaurants and historic inns, just walking around the fort was a nice city stroll or escape for anyone that has an eye for the old and distressed style of Colonial era decor.

I love the doors, which look this way because they are in fact, old as well as the little walkways and cobblestone streets. These sights brought a certain sense of quaintness and charm to the small fort city.

If you find yourself in Sri Lanka, more specifically Galle and fancy a bit of Colonial era inspired city walking, be sure to make a stop in Galle. Plus, there are plenty of shops to keep  you busy, and your pockets empty as well as cafes to keep your belly full. More on that later.



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