Did You Ever?

Did you ever see a view that had a certain wow factor? Did you ever taste something incredible? Have an experience that could be considered out of this world? See a store, book or piece of clothing that did just the same? Or more simply, did you ever just want to go on a rant about a topic?

Well, that is what this blog is all about. A collection of my experiences (and opinions) that made me say, “Did you ever?” Taking the phrase from my mom, who said this whenever she wanted to convey the message “Can you believe it?,” this is my take on destinations, places, restaurants, dishes, things I like and topics I want to discuss.

Go on have a little read through and I hope you find something that makes you say, “Did you ever?” If you see something you like and want more information or just wanted to get in touch, shoot me an email at hello@didyouever.me